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Emergency Tree Services

We’re available 24/7 to secure hazardous trees.

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Tri-County Tree: A Team of Certified Arborists in the Quinte Area

Does a tree on your property need a little TLC? Tri-County Tree provides a full range of safe tree services to communities in the Bay of Quinte area, including pruning, felling, and stump removal. Our team is made up of certified arborists with a combined 25 years of experience.

Safety First!
Because pruning trees requires a lot of climbing at great heights, sometimes even near electric wires, Tri-County Tree always takes several safety precautions. We believe that you and your property should always be safe from falling debris—and arborists!—so we always wear helmets, use safety tethers, and cut only small sections at a time.

Call us for a free estimate on our professional tree services.


Complete Tree Care

We plant tree saplings and tend to them until maturity.


We’re Fully Insured

We always take precautions, but we’re covered, just in case.


Countless Possibilities

Over the years, we’ve pruned enough trees to fill a forest.

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